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Brand: Mi-T-M
AW-8000-0001 The low pressure detergent injector allows you to apply recommended detergents; can be used on cars, boats, vans and engines·5000-PSI·Adjustable chemical draw·Clear, pliable detergent nozzle·Solid brass body with stainless-steel orifice for durability·Quick connects for easy instal..
Brand: Mi-T-M
Lightweight and powerful, the CA Aluminum Series is an excellent choice for cleaning contractors who are on the move. Use it to remove old and peeling paint or mold and mildew from any surface.Pump: Equipped with the Mi-T-M Pressure Relief Start which eliminates pressure build-up in the system ..
Brand: Mi-T-M
Perfect for cleaning heavily soiled equipment located inside commercial facilities. Use it to clean grimy floors and concrete walls of garages and service shops. It is even a great tool to keep indoor pools free from dirt, mold and mildew.Pump: External bypass system allows more water into the ..
Brand: Mi-T-M
Take your pressure washer indoors to clean floors and prep all kinds of surfaces. This is the perfect tool for food and beverage processing facilities where fumes and smoke are prohibited. Contractors love it for its versatility.Pump: Forged brass manifold · Thermal and safety relief valves ·&n..
Brand: Mi-T-M
AW-5090-0007For easier portability·Made with 1/4-inch powder coated steel·Bolts to generator with U-bolts·Folds down and out of the way when not in use·Fits GEN-6000-0MKD..
Brand: Mi-T-M
15-0242 Sold in 10-foot increments; 50-foot maximum length·1 1/4-inch hose without fittings..
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